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Inaugural Professorial Lectures[1]

This section comprises reprints of inaugural professorial lectures related to education and development. Taken together they provide insight into how the field of study of education in developing countries has evolved over the last 75 years.

Professor Margaret Read  Education and Cultural Tradition, Inaugural Lecture delivered 19th June 1950

Professor Lionel Elvin Education and the End of Empire, Inaugural Lecture delivered 3rd December 1956

Professor John Lewis  Partnership in Oversea Education,  Inaugural Lecture delivered 5th February 1959

Professor Peter Williams  African Education under Siege,  in Hawes, H and Coombe, T (eds) (1986), Education Priorities and Aid Responses in Sub-Saharan Africa.  London : HMSO Books (for ODA and ULIE)  (pp91 105)

Professor Angela Little  Learning from Developing Countries,  Inaugural Lecture delivered 15th March 1988

[1] The Institute practice of newly appointed professors delivering inaugural lectures ceased towards the end of the 1960s. It was re-established in the 1980s. Peter Williams, appointed to his professorship in 1978 has selected a substitute lecture.

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Compiled and edited by Clare Bentall and Angela Little. First issued Spring 2005.