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This CD-rom was conceived, designed  compiled and edited by Clare Bentall and Angela Little with assistance from Kaori Okumoto and Gertrude Shotte.

Constructed by James O'Toole

75th Anniversary Event

Many former staff and students contributed to the success of the 75th anniversary event  and the material used in this CD. The compilers of the CD would therefore like to thank the following people:

For their assistance in organising the 75th anniversary event

 John Breakell, Bill Dodd, Eric Earle, Pat Pridmore, Rajee Rajagopalan, Peter Williams

For their contributions to the 'recollections'

Sheila Aikman

Nick Evans

Pat Pridmore

Kazim Bacchus

Richard Graves

Rajee Rajagopalan

Jayantha Balasooriya

Jeremy Greenland

Felicity Rawlings

Mark Bray

John Hargreaves

Robbie Roberts

John Breakell

Hugh Hawes

Lyn Skinner

John Cameron

Sam Igwe

Mohommad Thamby

Philip Clarke

Nalaka Illaperuma

Mercy Tembon

Philip Coombs

Cheng Kai-Ming

Janusz Tomiak

Michael Crossley

Henry Kaluba

Pushpa Weerasuriya

Eric Cunningham

Anil Khamis

Madura Wehella

Bill Dodd

Srimathi Kumarasinghe

Clive Whitehead

Linda Ankrah Dove

Fiona Leach

Peter Williams

Eric Earle

Guy Neave

Y.A.N.D. Yapa

Haikima (Anne) Ershidin

Sugath Mallawarachchi

Chris Yates



Yumiko Yokozeki

For contributing to the event by attending or sending messages 

Jim Ackers

Jane Jarvis

Abby Riddell

Richard Arnold

Janet Jenkins

O Rippengal

Chris Berry

Stan Kadingdi

Christine Scotchmer

Jean Bowes

Susan Kearney

Gertrude Shotte

Lalage Bown

Neil Kemp

Avinash Singh

Michael Broderick

Seppo Kontianinen

Katherine Sun

Vicky Colbert

Peter Laugharn

Marjorie Taylor

Monica Deacon

Keith Lewin

Elwyn Thomas

Jane Evans

Hena Mukherjee

Carew Treffgarne

Ann Ferguson

Klaus Neuberg

A Vernon

Roger Flavell

Mayumi Nishihara

Chris Williams

Ian Gow

Rita Ngozi Odumosu

Hiromi Yamashita

Vivienne Gray

Valeria O’Leary

Mary Young

Diana Hargreaves

Caroline Pontefract

Zhang Wenjun

Eleanor Hargreaves John Proctor

We apologise if this information is incomplete. Please send additions or amendments to or

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Compiled and edited by Clare Bentall and Angela Little. First issued Spring 2005.