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Education & Developing Countries: 75 years

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2002 marked the centenary of the Institute of Education and the 75th anniversary of the Institute’s academic work on education and developing countries. For this 75th anniversary staff and students of the Education and International Development (EID) group and its predecessor departments gathered for a celebration. This celebration had two elements. The first, on November 22nd, was an international conference on Education for All (EFA), co-organised with the Education Committee of the UK’s UNESCO National Commission.  The second, on November 23rd, was a gathering of students and staff. Formal academic study of education and developing countries started at the Institute in 1927 in what was known as ‘The Colonial Department’, long before the term ‘developing countries’ had come into existence.  The Colonial Department was succeeded in 1952 by the Department of Education in Tropical Areas (ETA), in 1973 by the Department of Education in Developing Countries (EDC), in 1985 by the Department of International and Comparative Education (DICE) and in 1995 by Education and International Development (EID). This CD commemorates the 75 years of the Institute’s work on education and developing countries carried out by staff (see full lists of staff) and students over the period 1927-2002.

 The CD will be of interest to many: current and former students and staff, prospective students and staff,  students and staff in sister institutions worldwide and those who work in a wide variety of capacities in education in developing countries and in international and comparative education more generally.

 This CD has several sections containing papers discussing the history of the five departments, recollections of former and present staff and students, reprints of inaugural professorial lectures, a collection of academic resources, a photo gallery and information about the Institute’s current work in the field.

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Compiled and edited by Clare Bentall and Angela Little. First issued Spring 2005.