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Jayantha Balasooriya : student 1995/6 and from 2001 onwards

Jayantha recalls the value of interacting with other students and staff in academic sessions and how this helped his own work.

"I was here at the EID for my MA in Education Planning and Economics in 1995-1996. Currently I am a doctoral student in the Schools of Education Foundation and Policy Studies (EFPS) and Lifelong Education and International Development (LEID) progressing with a study on school financing and school-based resource management in Sri Lanka.

When reflecting through the memories of being at the EID, I gather that the experience gained through participating in the academic sessions, interacting with the staff as well as with the community of international students was highly rewarding. I realised that my thinking was gradually broadening, became critical and more disciplined. As a result I was able to function more effectively and at ease in both my academic and professional work.

Above all I enjoy my student life in the conducive and relaxed atmosphere at the Institute of Education.  The overall experience brought a new outlook to my life."

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Compiled and edited by Clare Bentall and Angela Little. First issued Spring 2005.