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Chris Yates: student 1985-6, associate lecturer 1987 – present
Chris recalls how he came to be a student in EDC and the advice of lecturers, particularly that of Bill Dodd on conducting research. He also talks about his ongoing involvement as a lecturer with on-line MA work.
Dr Yumiko Yokozeki: student 1993-1997
Yumiko recalls the lonely experience of completing a PhD and the valued support of staff and fellow students.
Dr Sheila Aikman: student 1989-1994 , lecturer 1996 - 2001
Sheila recalls one particularly eventful fieldtrip undertaken in Peru with the Multigrade Teaching research team.
Dr Felicity Rawlings: student 1995 to 1999
Felicity recalls the work of members of staff in the department and the research training she herself received.
Jayantha Balasooriya: student 1995/6 and from 2001 onwards
Jayantha recalls the value of interacting with other students and staff in academic sessions and how this helped his own work.
Mohomad Thamby: student 1995-1996
Mohomad recalls the friendly academic atmosphere in the department.
Pushpa Weerasuriya: student 1995 – 1996
Pushpa recalls the support of staff.
Madura Wehella: student 2000 - 2001
Madura recalls particular members of staff who were a great influence.
Nalaka Illaperuma : student 1995 - 1996
Nalaka recalls seeing snow for the first time.
Srimathi Kumarasighe : student 1995 - 1996
Srimathi explains how her MA has helped her in her subsequent work.
Y.A.N.D. Yapa : student 1999 - 2000
Y.A.N.D. recalls particular members of staff and experiencing the millennium celebrations.
Dr Clive Whitehead : occasional student 1966 – 1967, regular visiting researcher 1979-2002
This concluding contribution from Dr Clive Whitehead, which spans the period 1966- 2002, describes life as a student and a Charlton Athletic supporter. A regular visitor to the Institute, Clive’s research on British Colonial education policy in India and the Colonial Empire has made a major contribution to our understanding of the history of our work on education in developing countries.

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Compiled and edited by Clare Bentall and Angela Little. First issued Spring 2005.