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Dr John Breakell : lecturer 1987-1993, Head of International Development Unit 1993 – 1999, PhD student late 1990s

John recalls two projects undertaken by the department in Andhra Pradesh (India) and Indonesia.

"I  remember particularly the department’s association with two long running projects which helped to upgrade primary education in Andhra Pradesh (India) and Indonesia, funded by the then ODA and facilitated by the British Council. Each year 20 educators - inspectors, education officers, headteachers and teachers - came from each country to DICE for a ten week course directed by Dr Roy Gardner which focused on good practice in primary education. This input was matched by a series of annual training courses in the host countries which were staffed by colleagues from the Institute and elsewhere, with Roy Gardner as Director of Human Resources. Professor Angela Little and Hugh Hawes, amongst others, were instrumental in developing the changing focus of these projects over the years. DICE provided courses for educators from Sri Lanka and, for five years, for headteachers from Singapore. In response to demand, it also offered short courses in curriculum development, in materials development and in inspection and supervision." 


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Compiled and edited by Clare Bentall and Angela Little. First issued Spring 2005.