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Professor Michael Crossley: student 1973-1974

Michael recalls lecturers and students with whom he worked and talks about his continuing links with the Department:

"I remember excellent times working with Hugh Hawes, Peter Williams and fellow students from across the globe.  Friends from that year, who had come to the Institute from Papua New Guinea, helped to inspire my own subsequent travels to that part of the world.  After some years in Australia, my wife Anne and I (also a London MA graduate) worked for the University of Papua New Guinea from 1983-1990.  Wonderful times, with valuable experience and lasting memories and friendships for the whole family.

We returned to the UK and the University of Bristol in 1990, with two young sons, Martin and Sam.  Here my own work in the field of international and comparative education continues, through teaching, research and international collaboration.  My links with London also remain strong through, for example, enjoyable work with Professor Angela Little as members of the Editorial Board for the journal Comparative Education, and a nice full circle for me as an External Examiner for the current MA in Education and International Development."

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Compiled and edited by Clare Bentall and Angela Little. First issued Spring 2005.