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Professor Peter Williams: lecturer 1973-1987, Head of Department 1978-1984
Peter recalls how the department changed during its time as Education for Developing Countries. He refers to the physical move, differences in atmosphere and ways of working, the issue of student fees, connections with overseas and home institutions and changes in the curriculum.
Professor Michael Crossley: student 1973-1974

Michael recalls lecturers and students with whom he worked and talks about his continuing links with the Department.

Professor Sam Igwe: student 1974-77
Sam recalls his arrival at the Institute and first meeting with Peter Williams. He also recalls the support of fellow students from all parts of the world and the influence on him of Professor Reg Honeybone.  

Dr Fiona Leach: student 1980-81, lecturer 1991-1995

Fiona recalls particular events in her time as a student: taking an entry exam, a teach-in and a minor student ‘revolt’!
Dr Henry Kaluba: student 1980-82 and 1986-90  
Henry recalls that the lecturers managed to teach a mixture of students who did not necessarily have English as a first language. He also makes particular mention of John Adams Hall, the students’ hall of residence.
Professor Cheng Kai-Ming: student 1983-1987
Professor Kai-Ming recalls how he came to study at the Institute and to meet Peter Williams. He also remembers John Adams Hall (where he stayed again on the morning of the anniversary celebrations), the difficulties of being so far away from home and the pluralistic experience of studying at the Institute, which has informed his work ever since.
Dr Janusz Tomiak: lecturer in Comparative Education in the Institute of Education 1966 – 1988, including time in DICE from 1985-1988
Janusz considered particularly the cooperation between the Institute of Education and some of the Universities in Africa during his time in the Institute, including DICE.
Dr Linda Ankrah Dove:  lecturer 1976-1985

Linda recalls in particular how students and colleagues grappled with applying theories of education and development to the realities faced in many countries across the world. She discusses how this has influenced her work since her time as a lecturer.

Dr Philip Coombs:  Visiting Lecturer 1983 - 1986 

Philip recalls the arrangements already made for him on his arrival in London and the support and friendliness of fellow staff.

Sugath Mallawarachchi: student 1983 – 1984

Sugath recalls his time as President of the Overseas Students Union.

Professor Mark Bray: lecturer 1984 - 1985

Mark recalls his personal connections with the department spanning three eras:  EDC/DICE/EID.

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Compiled and edited by Clare Bentall and Angela Little. First issued Spring 2005.