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Sugath Mallawarachchi  : student 1983 – 1984

 Sugath recalls his time as President of the Overseas Students Union.

"I was at the IOE following a Diploma in Education Planning in 1983/84. I was there for nine months and during that time I was involved in lot of extra-curricular activities; for example, union and cultural activities. We were able to do a lot especially for overseas students. During that time we able to establish an ‘Overseas Students Union’ (OSU) under the student union of IOE, which was the first OSU established in a UK university. I was the first President of the OSU and I served as a Vice-President of the student union. Also I was able to work with British students closely.

I am happy to say that, the then course director Dr. Trevor Coombe and Dr. Mark Bray, Dr. Kevin Lillis, Mr. John Mace worked closely with us. Also I remember Rajee Rajagopalan, who is very friendly with students."

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Compiled and edited by Clare Bentall and Angela Little. First issued Spring 2005.