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Canon John Hargreaves: student 1942/3
Canon Hargreaves recalls fellow students and particular members of staff. He also describes his experience of teaching practice and its relevance for his term of service overseas. .
Philip Clarke: student 1946/7
Philip Clarke recalls the inspiration and support of lecturers, particularly Dr Margaret Read, teaching practice and his own interests in English as a second language or medium of instruction.
John Cameron: student 1946/7, lecturer 1962-1980
This entry is an extract from the Alumni Magazine (1996) in which John recalls his time as a student at the Institute.
Edward D (“Robbie”) Roberts: student 1946/7, Vice-Chairman of the Institute of Education Council and Chairman of its Finance and General Purposes Committee 1978-1991
Robbie Roberts describes the mixture of subjects and the exposure to different instructions which characterised his course at the Institute. He also recalls the influence of visitors and educationalists from the Gold Coast.
Richard Graves: student in 1949/50
Richard, from Ghana, though long resident in the UK, described in particular the experiences of black students in the UK. He also recalls meeting a highlight of his stay: meeting T S Elliot.
Lyn Skinner: student 1949/50

Lyn recalls the useful advice offered to him on teaching, particularly how to make science lessons memorable.


Eric Cunningham: student  in 1951/2

Eric compares his experience with that of Institute students without specific careers to go to after their courses.

Eric Earle: student 1951/2, Institute of Education Administrative staff 1964-1990 and Institute of Education Secretary 1974 - 1988
Eric reflects on the changes within the British Empire and anticipation of this in the change of the department’s name to Education in Tropical Areas. He also recalls the fate of some of the students on his course.

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Compiled and edited by Clare Bentall and Angela Little. First issued Spring 2005.