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Education in Tropical Areas 1952-1973

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Dr Nick Evans: lecturer from 1946-76
Nick Evans describes the special characteristics of ETA, including the mutual respect of colleagues, their diverse experience and the anthropological ‘slant’ to the Department’s thinking on education.
Professor Kazim Bacchus: student in 1952-3, 1953-4, 1957-8 and Visiting Scholar in EDC in 1980-81 and in  DICE 1985-6
Professor Bacchus recalls the value of meeting staff and visitors with a variety of experience, the heated debates between students and the influence of figures such as Margaret Read.
Dr Hugh Hawes: student 1953/4, lecturer 1967-1987
Hugh recalls the influence on him as a student of particular members of staff.
Bill Dodd CMG: lecturer 1965-1970, Consultant for Overseas Initiatives 1983-1991
Bill recalls a trip to Botswana during his time as a lecturer and an unexpected meeting with a former student of the Department.
Dr Jeremy Greenland: student  1968/9, lecturer 1982-1984
Jeremy recalls the pride of his fellow students at their experiences overseas, the activities they undertook on the PGCE course and the food in the SOAS canteen.

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Compiled and edited by Clare Bentall and Angela Little. First issued Spring 2005.